As with real tsunamis, we can get drowned by data. Just following the hype will not make sense of them. Rather, extracting knowledge and wisdom from data requires paying attention to their quality, diversity and relevance. It is an adventure in itself…


Complexity is here to stay, and it is good news. For it is the basement of emergent phenomena which will make a better tomorrow. But dealing with it requires the highest quality in processes and connections, local and global. Texelia shows the way of how IT can help…


Timing is more than going fast. Sometimes it is about going slow enough to reach a good destination earlier. And about each stakeholder finding its
own rythm in the team. Advanced industry plays its own music, and it requires careful orchestration…

What we can do for you

Texelia helps you with high-quality consulting services whenever your processes need to reach excellence and accuracy.

With offices in Basel, Madrid and Geneva, we have a proven track record of customer satisfaction in the pharmaceutical, chemical and nutrition industries as well as in logistics and public administrations. Most of our clients are high-demanding Swiss corporations with a worldwide reach and reputation.

We serve our customers throughout Switzerland but also in other European countries, since we are part of a network of specialized companies operating in Spain, Belgium, France and Germany.

Texelia is built on a heritage which comes back to entrepreneurial ventures founded long time ago in Switzerland, such as DataSign, Integrata and GDI. After being part of multinational corporations such as Unilog, Logica and CGI, time came in 2015 to connect again with the spirit of the origins.

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