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We are talented people with strong conceptual, analytic and relational skills. To provide expertise in IT applied to research, busi­ness and organizational processes, we have a strong commitment to learn and develop knowledge over time, an attitude towards team­work and service to others, and a capacity to interact with specialists in highly technical issues.



Texelia, eine Familie!
“For me, being a part of it means togetherness, mutual respect, joy and confidence.These are some of my feelings related to Texelia! … In short: to be heard. The journey is the reward, and we really travel it together.”
Une compagnie avec un long historique et des collaborateurs fidèles
“Texelia strengthens our team spirit, our Swiss identity and our motivation. I remained faithful to the company through restructurings, acquisitions and changes. With some others collaborators, we managed to maintain a good team atmosphere. Today, we are getting the reward: I am part of a team of skilled professionals, more united than ever, very friendly, even a family. My ideas are taken into account,  I’m part of real business improvement. And Texelia offers me the opportunity to reorient my professional activity according to my aspirations and skills.”
Human capital is part of the company DNA
“I can see that human capital and professional skills are quickly identified and opportunities are proposed to fit it. This gives you the energy and motivation to give the best. Texelia is a company that has the culture and the management to offer you an environment to evolve and to express your creativity. This is what I was looking for!”
A la pointe techniquement
“Working for Texelia fully matches my expectations : a friendly team, various opportunities to evolve and to work with the latest and the proven technologies.”
A story of people
“My favorite things about Texelia are the people, its leadership and our culture. I like the fact that our leadership is held in very high regard by our employees and also myself. Texelia offers its employees the freedom to develop themselves in a way that both sides are getting the best of it. I really enjoy working with people full of enthusiasm, passion, desire to develop and build an even better organization. After working for more than 10 years in this company I can still see myself working for Texelia for many years to come.”
Qualité des collaborations, un plus réel.
“Texelia progresses as a large family. The excellent work environment and the quality of collaborations between employees and with the customers are very motivating.”
Mehr als nur eine Firma
“At Texelia, you are not just an employee, you are a full-fledged member of a bigger family. If there are any questions about work or a personal wish, you always find a suitable contact person for the requested topic.”

Texelia is the place to be for data consultants, quality consultants, software engineers and software architects, BI consultants and managers.

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