Data On Purpose Workshop

A fast track to grasp concrete data opportunities in your business.


Data-driven analytics strategies are gaining in importance and popularity in every business.

At the same time, they are generating a lot of controversy and confusion. Terms abound, referring to big data, advanced analytics, predictive analytics or deep learning, data science, and many more.

Yet, organizations are struggling with two basic questions:

Where do we start from?” and What is the real value for us?”

Because every single business is driven by specific purposes, different from other businesses, our strategy for using analytics is driven by the concept of purpose itself.

Getting back to the basics of helping organizations to create value (and not using technology for the sake of it), our “Data on Purpose” (DoP) approach consists of:

An analysis of desired business impacts: improving quality, enhancing performance, reducing customer churn, and others.

The identification and processing of those data sources required for building analytics models. You may not need to go big data for obtaining very valuable business insights.

A sensible and understandable Modelling, by our Experts

Actionable and meaningful Insights, obtained today, not in the more or less distant future.

This is the only sensible way of pulling the thread of data fuzziness to get practical results.

Aim of the workshop

Texelia has designed a DoP Workshop, dedicated to frontline and business unit managers with domain knowledge as well as to IT managers. This workshop explains how, in your specific case, analytics can help your managers to improve business decisions.

During this Workshop, our consultants will collaborate:

In identifying Use Cases, meaningful to you, where Data Analytics is a real help.

In assessing the data that may be needed for these meaningful Use Cases.

In sharing our experience on Data Science projects and caveats.

They will also explain our Data on Purpose vision, the type of analytics to conduct and the methodology to carry on a DoP project. So you can assess budget, risks, and objectives of such a project.

It will allow you to get a practical and direct experience with our approach.


DoP Workshop is usually half-day.

It can be organized at the company’s premises and requires Business Users participation. Ideally, IT involvement is convenient.

The main outcomes of the workshop (Identified Use Cases, Recommendations on Data Sources, Recommendation on DoP project) are documented in a deliverable.

If interested, please contact us at: dop{at}

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