BioScity – Lab reality made easy

Join Texelia at 14th Annual Pharmaceutical IT Congress 2016 in London.

Texelia’s BioScity is an intuitive, flexible, and powerful web application facilitating lab departmental data management and data tracking.

Bioscity is made of internally developed data structure and interfaces allowing the quick setup of a customizable and scalable database and integrates out of the box the strength of Chemaxon’s Biomolecule Toolkit.

This combination allows standardization, storage and search of a wide range of biological modalities, thus providing a data management platform for Biologics from early discovery until late stage development.

From small to macro molecules, BioScity is the solution to regroup bio and chemical data with project results and information. With the possibility to be used as a SaaS, BioScity makes your data always available, in the cloud, regardless of the architecture, location or device used.

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Join us at the 14th Annual Pharmaceutical IT Congress 2016 in London, September 28-29 to see BioScity in action!

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