BioScity – Lab reality
made easy

Easy to use and highly customizable, BioScity is the tool of choice to organize
and search lab info.
Supported by a team of experts in bio tracking and pharma processes.

BioScity is an intuitive, flexible, and powerful web application, designed to facilitate lab departmental data management and tracking with ease. It  boasts a scalable database that adjust to your business needs and integrates the strength of Chemaxon’s Biomolecule Toolkit out of the box. This allows data standardization, storage and search, thus unifying all of your research info in a single hub.

From small to macro molecules, BioScity is the solution to group bio and chemical data with project results and information. You can browse any entity and see all its details, including graphic representations of molecules. Importing and exporting data from global solutions like MS Excel is possible with just a click.Also, it can be deployed as a SaaS, making your data always available, via the cloud, regardless of the architecture, location or device you use.

Finally, the versatility of the team behind BioScity makes that customizing it to match your needs is an easy and swift process. Using agile methodology we can make it a custom solution optimal for your business.

With BioScity, lab reality doesn’t have to be complex anymore.

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