BioScity – Interfacing Biomolecule Toolkit with lab reality

How getting the best of the Biomolecule Toolkit in the daily activity of a laboratory?
Have a look at the BioScity presentation at the 2016 Chemaxon Annual Meeting.

Texelia is proposing a flexible and intuitive interface to facilitate data management and data tracking, in small and medium size working environments.

Texelia solution, BioScity, integrates the strength of the Biomolecule Toolkit platform with internaly developed data structure and interfaces in a complete application that allows a quick setup of an evolutive and customizable database.

From small to macro molecules, BioScity is the solution to regroup bio and chemical information with project results and information.

Bioscity was unveiled at the Chemaxon Annual Meeting 2016 in Budapest.

Here’s a recap of its presentation:

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