Fast Forward to Business Applications

At last, the hurdles of application development for business purposes are addressed in an effective way, which makes the most of best practices and state-of-the-art technologies. With its SprinGO platform, Texelia puts technology at work for business.

For so long, misunderstandings between IT developers and end-users have been hindering the effective use of software applications for business and functional purposes. A big part of that was due to the amount of effort spent in creating basic application features not specific to business purposes.

But time has come to profit from the many lessons learned in climbing the ladder of software development maturity. For instance, that up to 80% of the source code may be identical in applications with completely different business requirements. If not properly understood, this leads to repetitive and time-consuming development processes in every project, which prevent developers from investing in dialogs with the business users about their needs and concerns.

This is where SprinGO applies, making possible the deployment of Version 1 of an application in less than a month. SprinGO is a modular application platform that allows any development team to focus on business needs instead of tackling again and again with features such as user management, security management, page flow, exception handling, report generation, and other purely technical tasks.

The SprinGO platform builds on top of the latest state-of-the-art technology stack for Java EE applications and removes the boilerplate code a development team needs to write during the creation of a web application.

As a Texelia solution, SprinGO also follows its triple helix holistic approach:


It understands that business modules and processes are the differential key to any application and incorporates them as main development tasks.

It treats data and content as the actual essence of any application, giving them the importance they deserve over all its core structure and common functionalities.

It expedites application development and brings a shorter life cycle for most of Entreprise Applications.

Texelia approach and focus

SprinGO applies a Fast Forward function to application development by creating a unique, modular and model-driven architecture framework that is highly dynamic and can be used as a common baseline for all applications. This enables the deployment of Version 1 of a completely functional Entreprise Application in less than a month as well as it facilitates further progress in an agile way to implement additional business requirements.

SprinGO has been implemented with sensible options by default that allow functional prototyping by simply implementing the business models.

Of course, the architecture still allows overwriting each aspect of the application if needed. This way, the development teams can focus on business-specific needs and implementation.

Combined with Texelia Agile experience for incremental development, this solution allows:

  • A strong and early involvement of end-users as they have rapidly access to their Application functional prototype.
  • Significant cost reductions in development and maintenance efforts, as the shared core allows a write once – fix all approach.
  • A significant reduction in Time to Use / Time to Market as the base-code is easily deployed once the business model is implemented.

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