Smooth Operations with OnTime Reporting

For all batch manufacturers (in Pharma, Chemical or Food Processing industries), timely decisions to control product quality are significant challenges. These challenges are more significant when combined with a permanent cost pressure and the necessary agility to introduce new products and new processes.

To these companies, OnTime Reporting by Texelia brings in depth data analysis while adapting reports swiftly to necessary changes.

The need

Organizations in highly regulated industries need to maintain the highest level of quality control throughout their systems. A small change in any part of their operations can result via cascade effects in big undesirable changes in the final product, endangering internal or compliance rules and KPIs.

At the same time, the introduction of new products and new manufacturing processes requires constant adaptation of the reporting solution, so that enhanced reports can be generated quickly and distributed to the different levels in the organization.

Moreover, meaningful drill-down capabilities must be put in place and maintained, so that root cause analysis can be conducted “on the fly”. Business users do not have to process plenty of reports or wait for more detailed technical ones: they can focus on relevant data and navigate quickly to detailed views.

OnTime Reporting

Reporting solutions, developed by Texelia and based on Crystal Reports or Business Objects, provide with almost instant and up-to-date reports, presenting metrics, KPIs, KRIs or manufacturing details ready for examination. Texelia solutions can be integrated into Quality Management Systems (QMS): executing within the proper QMS, such as TrackWise or Hexagon or processing relevant QMS data.

As with all solutions and services provided by Texelia, this reporting solution addresses the perspectives of data, processes and tempo, following its triple helix holistic approach:


Understanding the data is important to display it in a report: the appropriate format should be applied so it presents a relevant and validated report to the final user.

Understanding and streamlining the appropriate and dedicated business processes ensures that  each  request form is accurate and the final result validated.

Promoting an iterative implementation of reports by providing examples and details at each step, leads to a high level of compliance in a short time.

Texelia approach and focus

With OnTime Reporting, Texelia provides optimal reporting solutions for each organization, combining in a unique way experienced Business Experts and knowledgeable Analysts with Validation Consultants in High Performance Teams.

This Business and Technical Expertise combination allows Texelia to implement Adaptive Templates, a significant step forward in agile maintenance and evolution.

Texelia reporting solution has been deployed in different organizations, helping thousands of production and management responsibles worldwide to achieve quality and production objectives.

These High Performing Teams, experienced in Batch Manufacturing, Quality Management and Testing in regulated industries, can apply the specific Texelia OnTime Methodology or use customer methodologies.

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